How to Set Up TrustWallet

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to get TrustWallet set up. It’s the wallet we use to transact on the Binance Smart Chain.

  1. Download TrustWallet
  2. Click Create a new wallet
  3. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  4. Select the box
  5. Click Confirm
  6. Select the box
  7. Click Confirm
  8. Write down the recovery phrase in the correct order. Make sure you do not lose this or give this out to anyone that shouldn’t have access to your crypto.
  9. Click Continue
  10. Select the words in the correct order.
  11. Click Continue
  12. Click Ok

If you are on an iOS device, you’ll need to enable TrustWallet’s browser found here: If you’re on Android, it’s already set up.

When you use the browser, make sure you are on the right chain before transacting. You can verify by checking the top-left icon while in the browser. Make sure you are familiar with each chain’s icon so you don’t get them confused. The main ones you’ll likely want to know are Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

You’re now ready to start receiving funds in TrustWallet! If you’re not sure how to do that, checkout out our SafePal article. It explains how to send tokens between wallets and will also help explain how to swap tokens between networks like BTC and BNB (BEP20).

You will be using the Browser quite a lot so feel free to poke around and explore some of the apps that are on there. You’ll find apps that allow you to leverage, farm (earn yields), stake, create NFTs, etc.