How to Buy Crypto with Uphold

Let’s get your Uphold account set up so you can buy some crypto.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign up
  3. Fill out your info
  4. Click Next
  5. Fill out legal info
  6. Go to your email you typed in (says email sent to…)
  7. Open the email from Uphold
  8. Click Verify
  9. Click the “Please submit your SSN/TIN” box
  10. Type in your SSN or TIN
  11. Click Continue
  12. Click the “Verify your Identity” box (same spot as the “Please submit your SSN/TIN”)
  13. Fill out the info
  14. Click Continue
  15. Follow the instructions to verify your identity with your ID
  16. Click the 3 horizontal dots on the left hand side of the page.
  17. Click Security
  18. Click “Enable 2-step verification”
  19. Click Enable
  20. Copy the Key and store it somewhere safe (We use LastPass, you could also print it off and store it offline.)
  21. On your phone, download an authenticator app if you don’t already have one (we use LastPass Authenticator
  22. Scan the QR code using the authenticator app
  23. Click Continue on Uphold
  24. Type in your 6 digit auth code from the authenticator app.
  25. Click Verify

Alright, you made it! Once your identify is verified you’ll be able to add a payment option to purchase crypto. You should receive an email from Uphold when this is complete.

  1. Make sure you’re back on the main page. You can click the Uphold logo at the top if you’re not sure.
  2. Select the “From” dropdown under Transact
  3. Click the + next to Banks or Credit or Debit Cards (Note: credit cards have high fees)
    1. If you Select Bank account it will take 65 days to be able to withdraw your crypto which you’ll need to do in order to get into DeFi.
    2. If you select Wire Transfer it will take 2-5 days to settle.
    3. If you select card, be aware that you may have a service charge/fee for using the debit or card.
  4. Now select your bank or card info
  5. Select the “To” dropdown under Transact
  6. Select “XRP” under the Cryptocurrency section
  7. In the “From” box, type in the amount you’d like to buy (we’ve found a minimum of 100 XRP is required to exchange later on SafePal).
  8. Click Preview deposit
  9. Click Confirm deposit
  10. If you’re asked to verify the charge with your authenticator app, use your authenticator app and type in 6 digit code for Uphold

We recommend you download the Uphold App on your phone and Log in, to make the next steps easier.

Congrats, you just purchased crypto!!! Now that we’re in crypto we can look at adding it to a DeFi project.

Check out the SafePal article to learn how to swap your tokens for tokens on other networks.

* The location of the links and buttons are subject to change. If you notice any differences in the setup process, please send us an email at and we’ll get it updated.