How to Farm Liquidity Pools

If you haven’t read our explanation of Yield Farming yet, we’d highly recommend you read that before starting the farming process. It will help you better understand what you are doing in this tutorial. The instructions below explain how to begin Farming CAKE-BNB LP in Beefy. There are many other coins you can farm in other yield optimizers like,,,, etc. The steps for farming are nearly identical across all of the yield optimizers with slight differences.

This is not financial advice. It is meant to be an explanation for how you can begin earning yields on your crypto assets but does not replace your own research and understanding of risk.

Instructions for Farming CAKE-BNB LP through Beefy

  1. Open the TrustWallet app
  2. Click the Browser icon
  3. In the “Search or enter website url” enter (you’ll want to bookmark this page for later by clicking the three horizontal dots)
  4. Selct the “Asset” dropdown
  5. Select “CAKE”
  6. Click Buy Token under CAKE-BNB LP (At time of writing, there were two. Select either one)
  7. Select “I understand” checkbox
  8. Click Continue
  9. Ensure “Swap” is selected
  10. On “From” ensure BNB is selected
  11. Type in the amount of BNB you’d like to swap for CAKE. (You’ll need equal amounts of CAKE and BNB. For example, if you use $100 CAKE you’ll need $100 BNB to create the LP contract.)
  12. On “To” ensure “CAKE” is selected
  13. Click Swap
  14. Click Confirm Swap (you may get an alert that the price has updated. Click Accept if this is the case)
  15. Click Send
  16. Click Close
  17. Click the “<” in the top left of the browser
  18. You should see the list of CAKE options in Beefy again
  19. Click Add Liquidity
  20. Type in the amount on either BNB or CAKE and it will set the 50/50 liquidity for you (If you ever click MAX with BNB slected, make sure you subtract 0.1 since you’ll need it to do anything on the Smart Chain Network.)
  21. Click Supply
  22. Click Confirm Supply
  23. Click Send
  24. Click Close
  25. Click the “<” in the top left of the browser
  26. You should see the list of CAKE options in Beefy again
  27. Click below the “Buy Token” and “Add Liquidity” links. You should see more options.
  28. Click Deposit All
  29. Click Send

Congrats!!! You just started farming your CAKE-BNB LP through Beefy. You can explore Beefy for other options to farm. They have lots of Single Assets and LPs available.